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January 25
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--a box of Brown Sugar Honey Cinnamon Rolls. 

You looked up from the yellow and black stripped box to see the 3D-shades wearing face of you matesprit. 

"Sollux!" you cheered, using your tip toes to hug the yellow-blooded troll.

"Hey [Name], happy Valentiine2 day." Sollux whispered into your ear while wrapping an arm around your waist, making you shiver a bit. Honestly, the Captor boy knew how to push your buttons just like he know how to push the buttons on a game controller. 

"Sollux...!" you whined a bit, earning a small chuckle from the troll.

"Heh, 2omethiing wrong..?" 

"You know what happens when you do that..!" 

"Oh..? II do..?" 

"Yes and you are teasing me about it..!"

"*ga2p* II am...?" 



You couldn't help but laugh at all of this, the crazy antics that Sollux often put you through with his teasing.

Perhaps it was the way he held you while doing it, or maybe the way he made sure that his lips were right beside your ears as he spoke...

"Hey." Sollux whispered again. "Can II come iin..?" 


"Heck no--"


You grin at Sollux, who glared back a bit.... "II am 2o gettiing you back for that..." 

"Meh...Nothing I won't be used to--" Sollux suddenly used his psionics to lift you up. "--OH SUGAR HONEY ICED TEA!" 

"Heh heh heh~"



"PUT ME DOWN!" you yelled, glaring at the snickering captor boy. He walked over to your couch after closing the door, plopping down and slowly drifting you over to him...Before setting you down onto his lap, an arm instantly wrapping around you. 

"I hate you so much some times...."

"Plea2e, iif you really hated me, then we'd bee Kii2me2ii2." 

"Ewwwww, no hate snogging..!" 

"Then you're flu2hed for me. 2iimple a2 that." Sollux declared as he opened the box containing the buns, grabbing one and taking a bite of out of it...Before holding it out to you. "Come on, take a biite." 

"Nope. I'm mad at your right now." 

"Two bad, you're not allowed two." 


.....Sollux took another bite of the cinnamon bun, before taking ahold of your chin, and turning your head to face his.

"What are you--" 

Sollux silenced you by putting his lips to yours, passing along the small bite of the cinnamon bun through his lips into yours. All that pent up anger that you felt was pushed down by that single kiss as your hands reached up and entangled in his hair.  

The troll put the cinnamon bun back into the box, as it turned out he found a much greater treat in you. 

--Mituna ridding GIANT bee to show time skip--

You and Sollux were now playing video games. You both were neck and neck, each pressing hard against the buttons as you sat in his lap an--


"WOOP!" you cheered, raising your hands as you dropped the controller. Sollux gave a grown as he dropped his, leaning his head back while doing so.

You grinned at Sollux, who looked a bit P.O.'d at you...

Hey, he had to cover up that he took a major dive to let you win..

Yet, you softly took a hold of his chin..And gave him a small kiss. 

"Sorry for beating you." 

"P2hhh, no you're not." 

"I know." 

......Sollux lifted up his hand, using one of his knuckles to bonk your forehead. "2hoo2h." 

"Hey Mr. Bones, stop that."

"Ooooh 2o now you don't liike my hand2 iin your face huh..?" 



Sollux responded to this by putting his hands on your face. "FEEL MY HAND2." 

"Hey! Sollux! Stop!!" 


"What the heck Sollux! X3" 


-- <( II  ^U^) BuzzzzzBuzzzzz-- 

After Sollux's odd episode with his hands, you two were back to just lounging about on the couch, eating the cinnamon buns. 

"Geez...Where did you get these..?" 

"Got them? Oh, heck no. II diidn't get them."



"Yeah...FF, that Jane chiick, FF's Dance2tor chiick, and a few of the other2 kiinda helped me make them...Hope you don't miind..." 

"No way, that's really sweet of both you and them for doing this." 

"Really..?..Ya...Ya thiink 2o..?" 

"Yeah....Yeah I do." you giggled out, nuzzling Sollux a bit. 

"Awe2ome." Sollux whispered, wrapping his arm around you as he kissed your forehead. 

You smiled at this, nuzzling even further into Sollux's warm (yet rather bony) torso. "Happy Valentines Day Sollux." 

"Yeah...Yeah iit ii2...Happy Valentiine2 day, [Name]." 


Bonus Pt 1

You and Sollux were now intertwined together, the lights turned off in your bedroom. 

Sollux had busied himself on marking your neck his, biting and licking every inch of the delicate skin as he could get his lips on. 

You were left in a small moaning mess, your hands entangled in his locks as you made odd noises. From moans to giggles, small coos to whispering his name in gasping breathes. 


"Hmm..?" Sollux hummed out, licking that gentle sweet spot on your neck. 

You leaned your head back then, the pillow bending to the new movement. 




Sollux, teasingly, stopped to look up at you. "What diid you 2ay..?" 

.... "You are getting no honey tonight."

"Aww, what..?!"  



Bonus Pt 2

Mituna grinned as he, Psionics, and Sollux all stood before you. Beside you, on the couch, was Latula. Today was, technically, the day AFTER Valentines Day...Yet.. This was part two of your's, and Latula's Valentines Day gifts. 

"H0P3 YOU 7HW0 3NJ0Y!" Mituna declared, before pressing the button on the small stereo beside him. 

"How diid he even get me two do thii2..?" Sollux asked himself, Psionics looked down at him.

"II'm a2kiing my2elf the 2ame thiing kiid..." 

Psionic; 2weet liittle bumblebee, II know what you want from me

All three; Doodoodoodoodoodada

Mituna; 5W33T LIITL3 8UM8L3B33, M0R3 7H4N JU57 4 F4N745Y
All three; Doodoodoodoodoodada

Sollux; My heart 2kiip2 a beat when you walk iin the room
II go boom, boom, boom
Psionic; You're my playboy, play toy
Mituna; L0V3R 4ND MY FR13ND
Sollux; II wanna bee wiith you untiil the end

As the three Captors continued to sing, you and Latula both agreed on one thing.

Best. Valentines Day...EVER! 

Song; "(Sweet Little) Bumble Bee" by Smile
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